Information about Undergraduate Minor in Hispanic Marketing

There is a current vacuum in the U.S. industry of professionals that understand how to address the U.S. Hispanic market, including basic areas of knowledge such as demographics, psychographics, consumer insights and behavior, segmentation, cultural archetypes, and media behaviors. This program is designed with the intention of filling this void and offering undergraduate students at Florida State University and its associated institutions the opportunity to learn about and work with this foremost emerging market in the United States.

These students must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Florida State University. However, this program is available to any of the disciplines offered at the university as an addition to the student’s major area of study and as a complement to his/her professional development.

The minor program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Hispanic market. In order to accomplish this task, the courses that are incorporated in the program come from a variety of departments with core focuses in: modern language studies, business and marketing strategies/behavioral theory, and Hispanic cultural studies.

Students completing this course of study will add to their professional repertoire a set of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that will allow them to successfully plan and execute marketing communication programs directed to Hispanic populations. This program will also provide marketers, advertisers, and the advertising industry with personnel that is qualified for positions targeting the Hispanic market (in diverse vertical markets).



  • Normal requirements for Florida State University Undergraduate Admissions apply.
  • The student must also be attempting or have reached a level of competency in the Spanish language. Proficiency in the Spanish language will be determined by either: (1) a satisfactory grade on the CLEP or campus based language proficiency exam (2) the completion of Spanish through the 2000 level or higher with a C- or an S (satisfactory) in all Spanish accredited courses  or (3) satisfied by memo by meeting with approved staff.


There is only one required course:

1) ADV 3410 Hispanic Marketing Communication (3 hrs)

In addition, there are three main areas of study that the minor program encompasses. Three hours must be complete within each of these core areas below for a total of 12 hours:

2) Business and Marketing Strategy/Behavioral Theory (3hrs)

3) Hispanic History and Culture (3hrs)

4) Modern Literature or Practical Language Application (3hrs )

  • A listing of the courses is available here: Approved Courses
  • The student to fulfill the minor requirements must complete a total of 12 hours.
  • Of these 12 hours, 9 hours must be completed (3 hours in each core area) out of the elective courses with the exception of Communication majors.
  • Any additional courses that the student chooses to take will enhance his/her skills and be reflected in his/her transcript.


*Special Note:  Courses taken for the minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication can’t be applied towards any other major requirement.

Registration Requirements

  • The student does not have to be enrolled in a Communication undergraduate program. All major areas of study are welcome to apply.
  • New undergraduate students must first apply through the Office of Admissions for Florida State University.
  • If you’re already an FSU student or have already been accepted, you may then apply for the minor through the Department of Communication, Hispanic Marketing Communication Minor Program.
  • A complete application form must be completed, the form is at the end of this page.
  • No standardized test requirements superseding those of Florida State University Undergraduate Admissions will be applied to this minor program.
Application Form


Transferring and Double Counting Credits

  • A maximum of 6 hours of coursework transferred from another university can be counted towards completion of the minor.
  • In order for the course to be transferred, a formal syllabus of the course taken must be presented with a Transfer Course Form to the program administrators.
  • C- or higher must have been received for the course to transfer.
  • For students whose major areas of study overlap with the minor program, 6 hours of credit applied to an undergraduate degree program will also count towards completion of the minor program, provided that the courses are listed in one of the 3 core areas and are approved by the program administrators.
  • No more than a total of 6 hours from all of the above areas will be applied to the completion of the minor program.
  • Student’s Major Program Rules take precedence.

Other Information

  • Fees parallel that of standard undergraduate courses.
  • The minor program will be offered on the Tallahassee campus of Florida State University as well as online.
  • The minor program of study must be completed before graduation of the undergraduate student.
  • Upon completion of the program of study, the student will receive a formal Minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication.
  • As this minor is a concentrated focus in cultural study, international study is highly encouraged. Florida State University offers a variety of international programs for undergraduate and graduate students alike.
    • Students working on their minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication that choose to travel abroad for a semester of study can apply this abroad study to the second core area. The two requirements for this area to be credited are: (1) the student traveled to a Spanish speaking country and (2) the student completed documented academic study or professionally relevant work while in this country. As with all substitutions, the program administrators must approve the abroad study as fulfilling core area 2.