Meet the Staff

Director and Associate Professor, Dr. Sindy Chapa

Dr. Sindy Chapa

Dr. Sindy Chapa is the Director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University (FSU). She is one of the country’s leading researchers on cross-cultural consumer behavior and how it relates to marketing, advertising, and all other aspects of business. A faculty researcher at FSU, Dr. Chapa, also teaches popular courses on Hispanic marketing and advertising strategy. Dr. Chapa previously served on the faculty of Texas State University where she co-founded the Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets.

Dr. Chapa co-authored Hispanic Marketing: The Power of the New Latino Consumer and has been published in other books and top academic journals. Her work can be found in the International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, International Business & Economics Research, Journal of Marketing Communication, Journal of Spanish Language Media, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Multidisciplinary Business Review, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, and in Consumption, Markets, and Culture: Resonant Representations. She is a member of the Coca-Cola Company Hispanic Council and serves in the executive committee of FELAFAC (The Latin American Schools of Communication), ALMMACR (Association of Latino Media and Market Communication Research), and on the editorial review board of the Journal of Spanish Language Media and Journal of Cultural Marketing.

Dr. Chapa earned both an MBA and Ph.D. in International Business from St. Thomas University and the University of Texas-Pan American. She is originally from Tamaulipas, Mexico. She is also the proud mother of three young boys, all going through the very same processes of acculturation she highlights in her research.

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Founder and Emeritus Director, Dr. Felipe Korzenny

felipe korzenny
Dr. Felipe Korzenny

In the Fall of 2003, Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D. became Professor of Advertising and Integrated Marketing and Management Communication at Florida State University (FSU).  He received a B.A. in Advertising from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico; an M.A. in Communication Research from Michigan State University; and a Ph.D. in Communication Research from Michigan State University. Prior to joining Florida State University, Dr. Korzenny founded Hispanic & Asian Marketing Communication Research  to help Fortune 1000 companies open doors to culturally diverse markets. H&AMCR was one of the first companies in the United States to explore multicultural market research. In 1999 H&AMCR merged with Cheskin to serve clients with integrated research and consulting services. He is co-author of the book written with his wife, Betty Ann, Hispanic Marketing, 2nd Edition: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer, published by Routledge, 2011.

Co-Founder, Dr. Betty Ann Korzenny


Dr. Betty Ann Korzenny
Dr. Betty Ann Korzenny

Betty Ann Korzenny, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University. She is co-author with her husband, Dr. Felipe Korzenny, of the book, Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective, published by Elsevier, 2005, and Hispanic Marketing, 2nd Edition: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer, published by Routledge, 2011.

Her professional responsibilities prior to FSU, were as COO of Hispanic & Asian Marketing Communication Research and Cheskin. She also has held management positions in aerospace, technology and banking institutions with responsibilities for strategic planning and organizational development.

Korzenny received a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Administration and Higher Education, an M.A. from Michigan State University's Program of Graduate Education Overseas in Education, and a B.A.from Vassar College in Child Study/Education. Her multicultural interests have predominated in both her academic and business experience.

Holly McGavock

Holly McGavock
Holly McGavock


Holly McGavock is a graduate of the Integrated Marketing Communication master’s program at FSU and has worked since 2005 with the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, including post-graduation.  She continues to work with the Center as a lead instructor for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Multicultural Marketing Communication and Account Planning online courses.

Holly is currently employed as a Strategic Planning Director at Grey in New York City.  She has also worked as a strategic planner at agencies in Los Angeles and Miami.




Meet all our awesome students

Tazjhani Baker Headshot

Tazjhani Baker


Greetings, I am Tazjhani A. Baker an Integrated Marketing Communication Candidate at Florida State University. In my free time I enjoy graphic design along with brand management. My passion is educating and mentoring underprivileged youth.
Stephanie Bonilla Headshot

Stephanie Bonilla

Director's Assistant

Stephanie is an undergraduate student majoring in finance and seeking a master's in integrated marketing communications. Beyond her academic pursuits, she dedicates her time to uniting the Hispanic community on the Florida State University campus to ensure students have a safe space by creating the only Central American Student Organization and being President of the Multicultural Marketing Student Association. She previously served on the 2022-2023 Executive Board for the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union, where she held the position of treasurer. In the future, she hopes to work as a Financial Advisor or in the business field in general.
Valentina Gutierrez Headshot

Valentina Gutierrez

PR Assistant

Originally from Medellin, Colombia, Valentina Gutierrez is an international student completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in social entrepreneurship at Florida State University. Engaged and dedicated, Valentina is currently pursuing the Hispanic Marketing Communication Certificate and serves as a PR assistant intern at the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication. Her enthusiasm extends to actively participating in various events to promote the Center's initiatives. 

Ashley Johns Headshot

Ashley Johns

Research and Conference Coordinator

Ashley is a proud two-time graduate at FSU who is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Communication Theory and Research. Previously the Director of the Diversity & Inclusion Institute on campus, Ashley is dedicated to researching and educating on the impact of inclusive practices in corporations on consumer perceptions. Research interests include topics such as LGBTQIA+ marketing initiatives, corporate social responsibility, and brand activism. The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication has become a home on campus and she enjoys volunteering where she can. In her spare time, you can find her working on research while sipping coffee and petting her dog.

Helen Lazo Headshot

Helen Lazo

Social Media Coordinator

Hello, everyone! I'm Helen Lazo, a Masters student majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC) at FSU. I'm originally from Miami, Florida, but my parents were born and raised in Nicaragua. This is my first year in the CHMC club and at FSU, and I'm thrilled to discover all the incredible opportunities it has to offer. Currently, I'm actively involved in the Center for Hispanic Marketing as a research assistant, where I assist with databases and contribute to projects. After graduation, my goal is to work in Social Media Marketing.  I also really love the idea of storytelling through social media platforms and i’m eager to bring my views into future endeavors!
Sasha Madrid Headshot

Sasha Madrid

PR and Branding Specialist

Sasha Madrid is a graduate student at Florida State University pursuing her Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication. She is also a recent graduate from FSU with a Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies and a minor in Commercial Entrepreneurship. Sasha is passionate about integrated marketing strategies and has two years of experience in the field of communication and marketing through internship positions. At the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Sasha serves on the PR and Branding Team to highlight the successes of the students and enhance the recognition of the organization. As she pursues her graduate degree, she is eager to volunteer with the Center to positively impact the voices of diverse communities.
Alessandra Noli Peschiera Headshot

Alessandra Noli Peschiera

Associate Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications

A native of Panama City, Republic of Panama, Alessandra is currently completing her doctoral degree in Communication Theory and Research. She is a proud two-time FSU graduate, completing her undergrad in Public Relations and Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology in 2016 and then her master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication in 2018. After graduation, she returned home to Panama and worked in the private sector and later in the Inter-American Development Bank, working on programs to improve the sustainable development of the country. She is now excited to be back at FSU furthering her education, and actively volunteering at the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication.
Derrick Raphael Pacheco Headshot

Derrick Raphael Pacheco


Derrick Raphael Pacheco (he/him/el) is a third-year doctoral student in the higher education program at Florida State University. Derrick currently serves as a graduate assistant for the Leadership Learning Research Center and a lead instructor for the Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies, including teaching a Latinx Leadership Development course. His research interests include the lived experiences of Caribbean-American students at predominantly white institutions, Latin* student development, and intersectional approaches toward development on college campuses. Derrick has also served as a contextual editor to various pieces surrounding leadership education and has written book reviews on books centering on the Latinx experience on college campuses and  leadership education. Derrick teaches the Latinx Leadership Development course at Florida State University and courses around Leadership Experiences, Leadership and Complexity, and Contemporary Issues in Leadership Education. He currently serves as the Webmaster for the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication.
Valeria Peñate Headshot

Valeria Peñate

Public Relations Specialist

Hi everyone! My name is Valeria Peñate and I’m an international student from Panama City, Panama. I moved to Tallahassee 3 years ago to finish my undergrad degree and graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from FSU. Now I’m pursuing my Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications along with a graduate certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication.
Katherinne Peralta Headshot

Katherinne Peralta

Research and Digital Media Specialist

Katherinne Peralta is currently pursuing her master's degree in public Interest Media and Communication, along with a graduate certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication. She graduated from FSU with a B.S. in Digital Media Production and a minor in Film Studies. Katherinne's expertise includes video production, post-production, photography, and TV broadcasting. Her research interests encompass emerging technologies, AI in media, and media analysis.
Santiago Reyes Headshot

Santiago Reyes

Content Marketing Specialist

Santiago Reyes is a Marketing and Digital Media Production student with a minor in Hispanic Marketing Communications at Florida State University. Currently a Content Marketing Specialist at the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications, he excels in videography, graphic design, and crafting effective social media marketing strategies. Santiago is dedicated to innovation and poised to redefine digital marketing with his creativity and expertise.