Peer--Reviewed Articles


The Effect of Cosmopolitanism on Multi-Ethnic U.S. Markets under Varying Conditions of Diversity in Advertising


The Effect of Ethnic Specific Versus Ethnic Diversified Advertising: Comparing Attitudes Among Hispanics, Non-Hispanic-Whites and African American Young Adults


The Power Of Hispanic Voice-Overs In Radio: Comparing The Effect Of Gendered Voice-Overs Between Hispanics And Non-Hispanics Audiences


Courting the Young Adult Hispanic American The Effect of Generational Status in Language-Tailored Political Advertising


Hope as a Mediator of Ethnocentrism among Hispanics: The Post Analysis of the Nothing Gringo Boycott of 2006


Regulating Emotions In Advertising: Examining the Effects of Sadness and Anxiety on Hedonic Product Advertisements


Exploring the Country-of-Origin Indicators Across Products Categories: The Case of Mexico and Chile


Partidos Politicos en Guerra: The Impact of Partisanship in Political Advertising in the 2006 Mexican Presidential Election


Approaching the Asian Elephant: Understanding Business-to-Business Relationships in India


The Role of Advertising in Consumer Emotion Management


Regulating Emotions in Advertising: Examining the Effects of Sadness and Anxiety on Hedonic Product Advertisements


Adolescent, Advergame and Snack Food: Effect of Positive Affect and Experience on Memory Choice


Mexicans' Responses toward Televised Political Ads during the 2006 Presidential Election; Negative vs. Positive Ads. At the Special DVD Issue


Understanding Compulsive Buyers' Online Shopping Incidence: A closer Look at the Effects of Sales Promotions and Bargains on Hispanic Americans


Product Category and Origin Effects on Consumer Responses to Counterfeits: Comparing Mexico and The US


Hispanic Attitudes Toward Advergames: A Proposed Model of their Antecedents


Cognitive and affective evaluations of political advertising in Latin America : The effect of message strategy


Effects of positive affect and experience on adolescent's memory of brand placements on advergames


Modeling the role of physical distance and social formality in business-to-business relationship in India


Joint venture dissolution in developed and less developed countries: Exploring political stability and types of termination


Exploring the country of origin effect among Chilean consumers


Cross-cultural interpersonal communication. Sage Publications, Inc


Language, Communication, and Culture: Current Directions


Cultural identification as predictor of content preferences of Hispanics


Cross media coverage of local Hispanic American news


Cross-cultural interpersonal communication


Language, Communication, and Culture: Current Directions


Local newspaper coverage of Mexican Americans


Cultural identification as predictor of content preferences of Hispanics


Hispanic perceptions of communication discrimination


Communicating for Peace: Diplomacy and Negotiation


An examination of values associated with sports attitude and consumption behavior: An exploratory study


Multicultural marketing and the reasons why


Ethnicity, communication, and drugs


Women's communication in Mexican organizations


Quantitative approaches: an overview


Brand engagement in self-concept: A psychometric and demographic analysis


Cultural Identity and Communication Style among Mexican-Americans


International news media exposure, knowledge, and attitudes


The powerful influence of ethnicity on proenvironmental attitudes and behaviors


Hispanic TV advertising, where did all the mariachis go?


Metric multidimensional scaling and automatic message generation applied to the tourism industry: The case of Israel


A theory of electronic propinquity mediated communication in organizations


Hispanic perceptions of communication discrimination


Teaching Intercultural Communication in the 1980's: Philosophy, Methods, and Evaluation Research


Mass Communication, Cosmopolite Channels, and Family Planning Among Villagers in Mexico


Ethnicity’s Effect on Brand Loyalty among American Consumers


The effect of cultural dimensions on brand loyalty of consumers in the USA


The relationship between consumer acculturation and brand engagement among us Hispanics


Advertising to Hispanics: What the Ads Say


Stranger Ethnicity and Communication


Master’s of Interactive and New Technologies Communication Master’s Final Project


Ensayos: Mujeres en Comunicación: Teoría e investigación




The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication

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