Advisory Board Meeting

By Jennifer Gordillo

Tallahassee, FL— The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication in partnership with The Center’s Advisory Board spearhead a mentorship initiative every year that matches eager students with renowned professionals in the multicultural marketing and communication field. Through this program, students who are interested in pursing careers in integrated marketing communication, digital advertising, and multicultural marketing become mentees of The Center’s Advisory Board members and work closely with them throughout the academic year.

Early this past February, The Center began hosting a series of events in preparation for the Spring 2018 Advisory Board Meeting. The first event was a discussion panel featuring four current advisory board members titled How to Successfully Navigate the Hispanic Marketing Industry, held on Thursday Feb. 8. Amongst the panelists were Leif Roll, Marketing Vice President for State Farm; Eduardo Perez, Partner and Founder of PM3; Mark Ignacio Lopez, Former Univision Interactive Media Executive Vice President; and Rafael Jaramillo, President of Latin America for Emerson.

At this event, the panelists described their own involvement within the industry and discussed the nuances of the multicultural market. In turn, students shared thoughts, pitched campaigns, and presented research on their own topics. Following the panel, The Center held a reception at the Civic Center during the Women’s basketball game against the Virginia Cavaliers. At the reception, mentors and mentees shared a night of Seminole Women’s Basketball and professional development.

The following morning was the Spring 2018 Advisory Board Meeting, in which doctoral students from the College of Communication and Information presented their research, and graduating students were presented their stoles for completion of the mentorship program. Additionally, seven graduate students were awarded the Latin American-Caribbean Scholarship, a scholarship that honors international graduate students from Latin-America and/or the Caribbean for their academic excellence. This year’s recipients were Carlos Galindo Cure, Daniela Castillo, Nivia Escobar Salazar, Alessandra Noli, Stephanie Zuñiga, Gaston Yvorra, and Olivia Bravo. The meeting concluded with a luncheon and reception.