Undergraduate Certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication


Undergraduate education can benefit greatly from a better grasp of the cultural and demographic trends in U.S. society.  The recent 2010 U.S. Census found that the three main minorities in the U.S., Hispanic, African-American, and Asian, account for about 37% of the total U.S. population and that in many major metropolitan areas they are now the majority.

Estimates vary but at some point between 2030 and 2050, these minorities will constitute the majority of the total U.S. Further, they currently account for almost three trillion dollars of buying power.  Other cultural groups that include Native Americans, GLBT, and others further enrich our cultural and economic landscape.

These cultures, however, have not been well taken into consideration in advertising and marketing plans.

There is a current vacuum in the U.S. industry of professionals that understand how to address U.S. culturally diverse markets, including basic areas skills of knowledge such as: demographics, psychographics, consumer insights and behavior, segmentation, cultural archetypes, media behaviors, positioning, and account planning.

This undergraduate certificate program, then,  is designed to bridge the above mentioned void by offering undergraduate students and professionals in industry the opportunity to learn about and work effectively with these emerging minorities.

The students benefiting from this certificate program can be any regular undergraduate student currently enrolled as an undergraduate at Florida State University or affiliated institutions.  This certificate is offered also to anyone anywhere in the world who would like to complete the certificate online and participate in the distance education programs at FSU.  The courses in this certificate program can be used as part of any of the undergraduate Majors and Minors in communication.

NOTE: Graduate students cannot participate in this certificate program and should consider a separate and parallel Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication. 



The learning objectives to be achieved by completing the requirements for this undergraduate certificate are listed below.

Undergraduate students pursuing a certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication will:

  • Acquire the skills necessary to include multicultural marketing considerations in a marketing or advertising plan
  • Apply cultural knowledge in formulating strategies directed to a multicultural population
  • Conduct research geared to enhance their cultural skills for application to marketing, advertising, and diffusion of innovations
  • Practice the principles of account planning in a multicultural context
  • Apply multicultural marketing knowledge to their academic and/or professional lives


Required courses: This certificate program is comprised of four (3 credit) undergraduate level courses offered by the School of Communication that can be taken in the classroom or online depending on their availability. In addition this certificate program requires that the student writes a Capstone Experience paper, applying the course work with to their academic or professional experience. The following are the required courses:

  • ADV 3410- Hispanic Marketing Communication: This course looks at the largest and fastest growing minority in the US and examines appropriate ways to culturally connect with them – Offered every semester including the Summer on campus and online.
  • ADV 4603- Account Planning: Enables students to obtain cultural insights from consumers across different cultures and segments – Offered online during the Summer only at this time.
  • ADV 4411- Multicultural Marketing Communication: Reviews cultural differences and similarities in consumer behavior and provides the context for research projects to better connect with these emerging groups – Offered in the Fall online only at this time.
  • MMC 4300- Communication and Change: The Diffusion of Innovations. An analysis of the process of change in developing countries and across cultures, particularly from the standpoint of how communication is used in the introduction, spread, and adoption of new ideas.- Currently only available in the classroom during the Summer but will be available online in the near future.
  • The student must receive a C- or higher in all four of these courses, and a passing evaluation (S) on the Capstone Experience paper.
  • A Capstone Experience paper will be required of all students. This paper will be a 10 to 15 page paper applying the knowledge acquired to their current academic or professional work. It should not be a summary of the coursework for the Certificate but an application paper that emphasizes the utilization of the knowledge acquired. This paper will be written and will be graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory while the student is taking the last course above and must be submitted two weeks before the end of that semester. The faculty member teaching that last course will grade the Capstone Experience paper.


  • A formal admission, and completion of requirements checklist is attached in the registration package below. The signatures required ensure that the registration materials and the completion of coursework is finished.
  • Course locations: The Certificate program will be offered on the Tallahassee Campus of Florida State University and online.  The student can mix and match online and classroom sections, depending on availability, to complete the certificate.



The registration for this Undergraduate Certificate  in Multicultural Marketing Communication requires the electronic submission of the following form:


Application for the Undergraduate Certificate



If you are a student at another institution, follow the following steps to apply to this Undergraduate Certificate.



For information on the non-degree student application, course registration and fees, please contact Charlotte Garcia at: csgarcia@campus.fsu.edu


NOTE: This Certificate is not intended as a diploma or degree.


*NOTE: The number of credits required for completing this Certificate is 12.

  • The Director or administrator of the program may allow the transfer or “double counting” of one course taken at another institution or another FSU program either online or in the classroom. That course must be deemed of relevant content and level and allowed at the discretion of the director.  Under no circumstance will the student be allowed to transfer or “double count” more than one course.
  • The student must maintain a cumulative (C-) grade point average or higher in all undergraduate certificate courses attempted in order for the undergraduate certificate to be granted.
  • Prerequisites: Any student who is enrolled in any program at FSU, or is a Special Student, or a student any other institution of higher learning. Also non-degree earning professionals who want to advance their education and skills.
  • Standardized Test Requirements: No standardized test requirements superseding those of Florida State University Undergraduate Admissions will be applied to this certificate program.
  • Time limit for completion of the program: The Certificate program must be completed within 3 years of its initiation.
  • Fee per course/credit hour: Fees parallel that of standard undergraduate-level courses.  For current tuition rates, please visit the Student Financial Services – Tuition Rates




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– For questions about the certificate or the content of the courses, please contact hmc@fsu.edu