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Hispanic Heritage Month: A Growing Number of Marketers Joined the Celebration

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, United States marketers have capitalized on excellent opportunities to commemorate the cultural contributions of Latinos. For many brands, it was a chance to reach Hispanic consumers, the fastest growing demographic in the country—now estimated at 54.1 million—in terms of size, influence, and reach.

Hispanic Heritage Month, which was observed from September 15 to October 15, is not the most celebrated holiday among Hispanics; however, based on the Nielsen report How Latinos Celebrate Heritage Month and Beyond, many Hispanics consider it extremely important that companies and organizations recognize and celebrate this festivity.

As corporations design programs targeting the Hispanic market, it is necessary to honor the cultural heritage of Latinos that recognize their aspirations and success, while taking into account unique traditions, and send a strong message that their organization cares. Those who show an understanding of Hispanic consumers are more likely to attract this valuable and growing market.

Macys AdMacy’s is one of the primary advertisers supporting this festivity every year with a series of events and promotions. This year, Macy’s decided to honor three Hispanic Women who have each influenced and shaped American popular culture via their fashion, beauty and lifestyle expertise. Macy’s wanted to inspire consumers through these influential Latinas that embrace their style heritage.

The National Football Association (NFL) also celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with unique, special events. NFL Director of Fan Strategy and Marketing Marissa Fernandez helped the league to expand  the sport’s fanbase as more Hispanics continue to be drawn to futbol in the U.S. All NFL teams enhanced their observation by holding assigned home games with in-stadium themed elements and local community outreach in recognition of the celebration. During Hispanic Heritage Month, fans could visit NFL websites for a look at the stories of Hispanic players past and present who have left a lasting legacy on the NFL.


Acknowledging and honoring Latino contributions is crucial, but understanding the distinguishing path of demographics, culture, and consumption can fuel business growth. To market efficiently to Hispanics is indispensable to understanding these cultural elements of this group (holidays, family values, rituals and religion, etiquette, etc.) and paying particular consideration to the language. It matters, and not just in terms of English and Spanish. Being sensitive to language also requires techniques and strategies that build emotional and binding connection with Hispanics.

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