AMTP 2016 Conference

“Marketing professionals should identify cultural traditions within segments and use the traditions to connect their brand names with the target markets,” said Dr. Sindy Chapa in her abstract on ‘The Role Of Cultural Traditions on Branding and Word-Of-Mouth: Keeping Mother’s Recipes Alive.’ This is just one insight that can be taken away from her presentation […] »

Differences in Hispanic Consumers

There are many differences in Hispanic consumers who have resided in the United States for years versus recently immigrated Hispanics. It is expected that the longer the Hispanic consumer has lived in the United States, the more they will have adapted to the cultures and traditions of Americans. However, it is not to say that […] »

Why is Culture Underestimated in Marketing?

Market segmentation involves dividing a population into subsets of consumers who share characteristics, lifestyles and needs, and then targeting one or more of those segments with the most appropriate marketing mix (Kardes, Cronley & Cline, 2008). By tailoring a message to specific segments companies effectively market their products and services to meet the needs and […] »

Meet Dr. Summer Harlow

The Hispanic Marketing Communication Center has the honor to welcome Dr. Summer Harlow as an affiliate faculty to our program. Dr. Harlow earned her Ph. D. in Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin. Since her arrival at FSU in the fall of 2014, Dr. Harlow has engaged in research focusing on the role […] »

Atlanta Advisory Board Meeting Hosted by Coca Cola

    Throughout our lives we encounter individuals who inspire us; these encounters are often by happenstance. At Florida State University’s Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication the opportunity to meet seasoned individuals in related fields of marketing is coordinated. The Center has a carefully selected Advisory Board that encourages students to follow their goals and […] »