Graduate Courses

We offer courses at the graduate level that relate to Hispanic Marketing Communication, as well as other related emerging fields.  Whether you’re a student or a professional, put yourself ahead of the rest by taking our courses.  Industry giants are looking to fill in the current gap in the US industry and want to hire professionals with expertise in the following fields.


 You don’t need to be Hispanic or speak Spanish to take the courses below!
Each course is credit hours, and is offered both online and on-campus. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive view of Multicultural Marketing, you may also take our Certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication.

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ADV 5415 – Hispanic Marketing Communication


At fifty million strong, the Hispanic market is now the largest minority group in the US.  The growth of the Hispanic market has influenced companies to  increase budgets and efforts in order to communicate with this segment.  However, there are not many professionals with the necessary skills, giving those who do, an advantage over rival companies and job applicants.  Taking this course places you among the few professionals in our country that understand the U.S. Hispanic market.
You will discover:
  • How, despite sharing a common linguistic and cultural background, the Hispanic population is diverse within itself
  • How to tackle challenges related to cultural stereotypes, language choice, and media habits
  • How and to what extent anthropologic and religious history influences thought process
  • How discovering cultural insights plays a part in the success of a campaign

ADV5416- Multicultural Marketing Communication


Multicultural marketing is one of the newest horizons in U.S. marketing.  This seminar studies the behavior similarities and differences among Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and Non-Hispanic White cultural market segments in the United States.  It also answers original research questions that can benefit both marketers, and academicians. This seminar can also benefit those who pursue careers in social service delivery in the form of social marketing.  By taking Multicultural Marketing Communication, you will learn:

  • What to consider when trying to market to multiple cultural groups
  • How to obtain consumer insights and use them for multicultural marketing
  • The future of multicultural marketing and its implications
  • How to derive cultural insights and use them to establish deep connections with culturally unique consumer groups

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ADV5605 – Account Planning


Account planners are the voice of the consumer within ad agencies. They constitute the crucial link between client objectives, account management, the creative development team, and also the media planning team.   By taking this course, you will learn:

  • How to attune your advertising messages to the emotions and thoughts of your target audience
  • How to conduct and utilize qualitative and quantitative research to uncover cultural insights
  • How to use key kernels of  information and emotions to make advertising campaigns successful
  • How to communicate those insights to the rest of your team in the agency

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MMC 6469 – Diffusion of Innovations


This course is an examination of various theoretical and practical issues pertaining to communication’s roles in the diffusion of innovations across cultures. Currently only available in the classroom during the Summer but will be available online soon.